The best LFG app for    Classic WoW   



The best app for finding players in WoW Classic!
If you're tired of spamming trade chat to find players or you want to enjoy some Netflix and get notified when someone sends you a message then this is the app for you.

Find Tank and Healers for specific dungeons and raids.
Find people that can boost your leveling.
Find some poor souls to group up with and slay Hogger!

Even better, you can become a booster and receive payments for assisting other players with your skills. For example by helping a player level from 1-20 within 8 hours, or helping out with some quests. Who knows, maybe you can make a living playing WoW Classic.


The app has these features:

* Chat - chat with other players.
* Inbox - see all your conversations
* Receive Payments - help other players

Search for characters:
* Dungeon & Raid
* Leveling help
* Quest help
* PvP
* Professions

Filter characters by level range.
Search for specific characters on a server.
Receive payments to your account.
Pay a character with PayPal for helping you.
Create 3 characters by subscribing to Booster.

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