Pile - Receipt Scanner & Expense Report

30 days

free trial



Scan receipts, generate expense reports, fast Shop, Price and Date detection


"The best receipt management app"


* One month free trial
* Monthly subscription(2.99$ - excluded tax)

* OCR(AI) Text recognition
* Date detection
* Price detection
* Shop name detection
* Product detection
* Custom Categories
* Advanced search of products or shop
* Filter receipts by date range
* Money spent
* Generate Expense Report
* Export Expense Report to Dropbox, Google Drive, Mail, etc.
* Receipts are stored in the Cloud
* Highly secured Receipt Storage
* Cross Device access

Pile is an easy to use Receipt Scanner that uses AI(OCR) to recognise text. You simply just have to take a picture and save. The receipts are stored safely in the Cloud with high end cryptography, if you were to lose your phone the receipts will be safe and sound. Just download Pile on your new phone, and log in. We have implemented functionality for searching for products, shops and you can filter receipts by date range. This way you can easily find a specific receipt, or see how much you've spent in a week, month or year. Even better, create expense reports for specific shops or date range and export to Dropbox, Google Drive or send it by email.

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