The app lets users create a shared playlist/queue with friends and family(or others). When users are connected to this playlist/queue they can queue songs. The user that hosts the queue will use Spotify Connect to play the queued songs from his/hers device. The users who wants to connect to a public playlist/queue must scan a QR code from the hosts client that contains an ID. This ID is a random generated encrypted key to prevent hacking. All users must be authenticated with Spotify. Muntean mobi will not share the user data with any third party. Muntean mobi is a Norwegian company and will follow GDPR standards.


The app provides users with the ability to search for songs, see personal playlists and manage other users that is connected to his/hers ongoing public queue. Managing users in a public queue will consist of removing unwanted users and songs. All users will have the ability to delete their profile and all their information in our database.

The app will be released in iOS, Android and web.


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